• Alisha & Almaza


The biggest day of your life is (or was) approaching. Now what?

Why postponing your wedding because of the coronavirus could be a blessing in disguise

It seems silly right? But actually if you think about it, it gives you extra time to perfect the finer details. Growing up I was always taught that when it comes to hosting an event, people will remember all the small things and not necessarily the one big thing! We spend so much of our time perfecting things like making sure the food menu is delicious and caters to all tastes as well as making sure the decor is on point, and of course these are very important in achieving your dream wedding, but it’s the small things that people will always appreciate.

Here are some ideas of what you could do to perfect the finer details:

Why not consider choosing special family or friends to be ushers for your guests on your wedding day - being ushered into the venue and shown where to be seated instead of having to read it on a board and figure out where in the hall your table is, is thoughtful and helps to ensure that your guests are happy and comfortable

Spend lots of time doing your table seating plan- Your guests will always remember if they were seated at a table of people that they had so much fun with! Think about people who have similar characters and interests when you are choosing who to place where and also where in the room you are placing them for example, it’s not a good idea to put older guests right next to the dance floor with the speakers blaring. It’s these little things that your guests will really appreciate!

Consider the bathrooms your guests will be using - A lot of us forget about putting something in the bathrooms to make them look and feel as beautiful as your venue room. Being able to freshen up in a beautifully decorated bathroom, that smells wonderful, with an amazing fragrance for your guests to use for themselves, will always be memorable.

Use this time to really think about how you can perfect and personalize these finer details and you’re sure to have an amazing wedding day that will never be forgotten!

Be safe, lots of love