• Alisha & Almaza

Dress like you’ve got somewhere to go!

Its been longer than we’d like to acknowledge and as such some of us could be feeling like we’re in a bit of a rut of sorts. While on one hand we totally get it and we appreciate that our government and global leaders have instilled this quarantine period - we also need to take our feelings back into our own hands. We’ve been in loungewear and PJ’s for weeks... if you reading this ... trust us:

It’s time.

So follow these tips and have yourself feeling a little more revived and a little less in a rut:

1. Channel your 15 year old self.

Start with some music. Set the scene - when was the last time you played music really loud in your room like your a teenager trying to figure out your favorite looks.

2. Style your hair dammit!

Self-isolation has us dawning the classic top-bun or famous messy pony - DAILY. So for today, please apply yourself. Style your mane!

Try the curler you haven’t used in months, plug in your straighter again.. and brace yourself ... accessorize?

3. Make yourself up.. literally!

Apply your make up as if you have a dinner date. If for no other reason than

to ‘practice’ application (coz for goodness me, when was the last time you have done proper make up) and after all, practice makes perfect. Also this would be a great opportunity to capture some cool tiktoks or insta content!

4. Put on a pretty frock

All i mean is to be more considered. Dressing up with absolutely no-where to go is absolutely essential ... so take pleasure in allowing yourself this bit light-hearted fun.

Go on... feel pretty!