• Alisha & Almaza

Lockdown Cas-ooool

The new lockdown-casool (casual.. and still cool) looks that have us feeling like we could handle a few days extra days in quarantine.

While we scroll through endless feeds across platforms like instagram and tik tok, we can’t help but wonder… how do some manage to keep their  lockdown-loungewear-look, in check? We put it down to two things:

  1. Before people actually ‘curate content’ – yes that’s right! It’s a completely considered and planned action. They ensure their look is on point. Gone are the early days of the simple filtered selfie. These days the reality is that content is king – or queen from our perspective.

  2. For OCD people like myself, I prefer to have a ruthless approach to my closet these days. Do I need it? Does it suit my ‘style’? Is it flattering? Also of course taking into account the general colour thematic that my closet is aligned to – do the colours work? IF not, then I eliminate. As such my closet is now a much more controlled sense of currated looks. Lounge wear is a thing people! Ensure you shop lounge wear … considered. IE : Trans-seasonal loungewear, longs, shorts, tee’s, sweaters and of course – the colours that you have a couple lines above identified as ‘your colours’. So by controlled force, you end up having an ‘in-check’ Lockdown-loungewear-look.

You’re welcome.

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