• Alisha & Almaza

Culinary Therapy Anyone?

With just a simple scroll through your newsfeed I’m sure you will find that most of your network have been expressing themselves through culinary therapy.. which yes - Is actually a thing! We can’t deny that the quarantine period has turning to cooking and baking as a form of comfort.

Psychology professional, Michael Kocet, Ph.D., who specializes in practicing culinary as an art of therapy confirmed this in his research. He defines this practice as “the therapeutic technique which uses culinary arts, cooking, gastronomy, and an individual’s personal, cultural and familial relationship with food to address the emotional and psychological problems faced by individuals, families and groups.” Basically we are eating away our problems..

Its important to consider the time you want to allocate to culinary therapy and ensure the process is not rushed or stressed. It needs to be planned time out. Like any mindfulness practice (will do a story on this trending topic next), culinary therapy is about living in the exact moment with no external worries at all. Its about leaving work issues, the state of the world and anything else dominating your mind that being totally present in the here and the task at hand. Whether you are a seasoned in mindfulness or not, there are many ways to set the stage for a successful self-guided culinary therapy.

So here are the tips for practicing mindful cooking at home:

1. Pick a simple recipe that you are familiar and comfortable with.

2. Set your stage (ie make sure you are alone, no chance of disturbances and that you have prepped your ingredients and cooking space).

3. Remember this is a positive and fun experience.

4. Play some music if you wish.

5. After cooking mindfully, its important to rest and eat mindfully.

Remember that its impossible to cook and eat every meal mindfully - which is more than normal. But when you get a chance embrace the culinary therapeutic journey.