• Alisha & Almaza

Copy-Cats? Good, Bad and FFS!

Its one thing when you look to another for inspiration. Its actually one of the best ways brands and businesses are able to better themselves. By comparing themselves to each other. Its when you sit back , take a look around and ask yourself: “What are they doing that we aren’t doing?”

In advertising this is a common scope of service called a competitor review.

However the line is a fine one when it comes to being copied. Especially after you have given something your dedication and commitment - then to have someone else do the same thing and may even get more acknowledgement than you. *Sips glass of wine*

The other side of this line is one of support and upliftment where we look to inspire others to do better and be better. Where you look at the situation differently, as the mere fact that they have taken a derivative of your work is a compliment.

So when you look around and notice that your work is being mimicked - we can’t help but wonder... are there better ways to grow and support one another? Afterall, it is only a natural human desire to want to help and support another human need. Is it not?

Perhaps the following three questions need to come into play when its time to draw inspiration and apply a differentiator to work:

1. What makes it you (ie the Human)?

2. What makes it real (ie the Heart)?

3. How are you connected (ie the Soul)?

So to all our hustlers out there, all the street-smart, determined, aspirational and driven entrepreures - Keep on Keeping on and remember these two important points:

  1. Being copied is generally a positive output as it indicates that you are onto something desirable.

  2. Don’t worry you aren’t the first person to have thought of the idea. Just remember to make it your own and do it with the best of your ability. That’s all that matters.

Vent over.. Happy Weekend Guys!!!