• Alisha & Almaza

Cheers (to the new Normal)

While we navigate the new normal and try to remember life pre-covid. You know.. all those things we took for granted. Like fulfilling the desire to purchase and drink a glass of red when we were felt like it?

Needless to say, the alcohol industry is one of many who are struggling and looking for ways to evolve and adapt to change. However even tho we are facing probably the toughest time globally with no foreseen ‘end-date’ to this crazy time. We look for newness and excitement in anything that offers it. Its imperative for our sanity that we indulge once in a while and expect less yet be surprised more. So while we sense the decline of the Houseparty novelty, we look for new ways to keep us keeping on. Here are some ideas to keep that ‘spark’ alive:

Zoom Dinner Dates

You dont need to feel guilty about this one! Get slightly dressed up.. pop on some lippie and have a dinner date with friends. Schedule a meal, come up with a theme, make it special, make it fun! If you can hook up zoom on the TV or a larger screen - all the better. Enjoying company over a meal is something we all miss terribly. To curb that longing feeling of togetherness, just indulge in this planned dinner and some themed excitement, and all while sipping on our favourite glass of red.

Cheers to that!

Book Club Of Sorts

Reading has always been something I’ve enjoyed, however found that I often didn’t have ‘the time’, and when I did - it was something I would enjoy by myself while wanting to tell the world about the amazing journey the book had taken me on. For instance, during lockdown I’ve been reading The Seven Sisters by Lucinda Riley. Its a serious of 6 books (with the 7th due out in 2021), that has got me hooked and feeling such a sense of energy, excitement and ‘omg’ moments. So what better way I thought than to get my friends involved in reading the same book. We get to discuss the storyline, the what-if’s and for a moment of conversation we feel excitement, all while sipping on our favourite glass of red.

Cheers to that!

Get your Roots done

While we all looked for ways to maintain our mane over lockdown, we cannot come close to the result or satisfaction of having your hair stylist and salon take that ‘to do‘ off your list. So now that our amazing beauty industry is back in action and fully prepped for a well executed, sanitized experience - Trust me! its worth the trip!

Not only do you have a moment to enjoy a casual conversation with your stylist, but its that sense of normality that we crave so much that brings a level of excitement that is undeniable. So if its just your roots that need to be done, or you are ready for a fully hair make over.. make the appointment.. and go and ENJOY the experience!

Cheers to that!