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Celeb : 3 takes on styling j/leggings

With comfort being a major priority in 2020, we’ve turned to some of our favourite celebs to get their take on styling J/leggings as we ease out of quarantine.

Roxy Burger

1: Favourite J/Leggings brand?

“I pretty much only wear my leggings when working out or pregnant. I wore Freddy jogging throughout my pregnancy and they’re coming in handy again now. I also love Cotton On leggings for workouts. Affordable and really comfortable!”

2: How would you style them?

“Generally I like wearing something oversized and long on top if I’m wearing leggings on bottom. So either a big over-sized jersey or a long shirt or the likes.”

Roxy Photocred : How Do I Look? SA

Shashi Naidoo

1: Favourite J/Leggings brand?

“My favourite legging brand would definitely have to be Spanx. They are super comfy and ultra stylish with the perfect fit for all types of bodies.”

2: How would you style them?

“Spanx leggings are great because you can style it up or down. For the perfect casual look, style it with a scrappy white tee with an oversized denim shirt or jacket and some cute white sneakers. Dress them up with a long black glam tunic style top and a bomber jacket paired with some chic ankle boots”

Hypress, Melanie Gia Ramjee

1: Favourite J/Leggings brand?

“My fav leggings brand has to be Cotton On!”

2: How would you style them?

“I usually focus on the top half when wearing leggings so they ultimately just complement my look.”

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