• Alisha & Almaza

Bike Shorts : Love em’? Hate em’?

Kim K first introduced us to the savage street-style of bike shorts - (of which we admittedly weren’t initially massive fans).

The thing about these short tights is that they are extremely versatile with being a transitional wardrobe item from workwear to homewear to leisurewear. Therefore it could quite possibly be the easiest style hack right now!

If you are looking for an easy way to style this trend.. as we enjoy the last few days of not entirely freezing! Pop on an oversized blazer with a cute sweater or feminine top with puff sleeves and you’re good to go! Newer versions of this simple garment include colours from solid black to neon hues and fun prints. There are endless ways to style this look.

Consider some of the following ideas to create your own style:

1. Heals or high top sneakers

2. Cute frill socks

3. Statement sweater (Crop or oversized)

4. Colourful Blazer

5. Accessories

The more we dwell on the staying power of this wardrobe basic, the more we realize that we : love em!