• Alisha & Almaza

Because Mother Nature Says So

The importance of spending time out in nature is profound. Here are some of the reasons why we should all be enjoying the great outdoors.

As a child I remember growing up with most of our days spent outdoors, exploring and having many adventures. Obviously being a child back then in very different to being a child in todays digital world. I felt free with no worries in the world - no fear of bugs or who could be out there.. it was safe. it was life.

Fast forward 20 years and of course I find myself ‘eeeking’ and ‘omging’ to most Beatles and Bugs that creep in to any major outdoor experience I’m having. My husband keeps saying “This is Africa Babe”.

So when reflecting on my younger days and in correlation to more recent times, I can’t help but wonder.... Am I missing out by not reeeeally being outside? Is Mother Nature giving us a nudge?

With this in mind, of course I took a further look into the facts behind the general understanding that ‘nature is good for you’. Here it is:

Numerous studies show the importance of spending ample time in nature. Be it, hiking, long nature walks, laying down on some grass in a park - which ever you feel more inclined to doing, the list of benefits is highly compelling:

  1. Improved mood and feelings of calmness

  2. reduced feels of isolation

  3. reduced anxiety

  4. increased self-esteem

  5. lower stress levels

  6. helps memory

  7. lower blood pressure

  8. improved immune system

Especially in times like now, where social distancing can be stifling in its own way. Taking a scenic walk or laying in the grass for some time - will surely be good for your mind, body and soul.