• Alisha & Almaza

All I Want For Christmas Is... Self Care!

Its about going beyond beauty. Making time for yourself is essential, because when you’re feeling good, you radiate joy and love to those around you – and isn’t that what Christmas is all about?

Family, friends and festivities can be a lot, so it’s important to take some time out and check in with yourself. Here are three easy ways you can stay sane this silly season.

Say om Meditation has many mental health benefits, and it can help to reduce stress and anxiety, balance emotions, boost focus and improve sleep – all critically important as we wind down the year. Download a meditation app (Calm and Headspace are two of the most popular) and commit to spending a few minutes every morning centering yourself. You want to make this easy and do-able, so start with just one minute, and work your way up to however long you like.

Bask in a Bath

Sure, you could run the water and take a bath, or you could run the water, add a fragrant oil or frothing bubbles (the luxe Jo Malone London Red Roses Bath Oil is a classic choice, while L’Occitane Lavender Foaming Bath delivers suds and a soothing scent), dim the lights and light a candle, pour yourself a glass of whatever tickles your fancy, and take a bath.

Give Yourself The Gift of Time

Massage or facial, or quality me-time outdoors. Give yourself the gift of spending time with yourself. In whatever capacity or activity that makes you happy.