• Alisha & Almaza

5 tips on keeping your home stylish

If anyone knows anything about us, they know that we are OCD (yes!), but also that we have a passion for home decor and lifestyle. Constantly having our eyes on the next thing we need to do with the house. Putting it lightly, our ‘whoosah!’ pick would be taking an easy stroll through the likes of SHF or Block & Chisel. We can’t help it.. its an obsession. Because of this, people often ask us to help with interior decor and design, so we thought you may find this story of interest.

Now more than ever, we are spending so much time in our homes and even though some days we may feel like a bomb has hit them with mess and chaos everywehere, there are ways to ensure that this is not the case every day. Here are 5 tips of how to keep your home looking and feeling stylish.

  1. Less is more – This is truly one of the best things to remember when decorating your home. The moment you put too many things into a space it starts to feel cluttered and messy

  2. Organise, organise, organise – Organising your house makes your life easier and it makes your house look great. Create specific places for specific things i.e. all your work and important documents and stationery should be in a designated spot so when you are looking for them it is easy to find

  3. Tidy up when you can – This is one of the most difficult things to do especially if you have kids. The best way to tackle this tip is to have “organised chaos” so if for example the kids want to play, give them a designated area where they can mess and play so that you don’t end up with toys all over the house

  4. Invest in good quality pieces – This does not mean your entire house needs to consist of expensive items but here and there it is definitely worth while investing in key pieces such as a beautiful dining room table, couch, coffee table, art or an occasional chair, to make your space look stylish

  5. Consider what you like and create a mood board – This is really key in any venture to make your home stylish. It doesn’t matter if you have an established home already, make sure that whatever else you buy for your home, sticks to a theme and colour palette in some form or way

The most important thing to remember is that you create your own sense of style, even in your home,  so make sure that your home reflects what you love and who you are!