• Alisha & Almaza

5 Tips on how to make it appear like you have expensive taste

Elevate your look now!


My mom always said that a creased outfit is not going to do you any favours. So take the extra couple minutes and iron or steam that look. It will make the difference you are looking for. The amount of times we’ve seen online shops post items for sale that are creased is disturbing.


One of our most favourite simple hacks is to swap the buttons!!! Its our favourite because it adds the most class to any item. Don’t be nervous - just do it!


This is the real extravagance opportunity - by taking simple wardrobe pieces and applying some basic styling techniques you are catapulting your look to the next few levels. Add a belt to emphasize your waist, or puff out those sleeves for an added pop of volume. Play around with what you have - trust us - its fun!

Invest in staples

We’ve mentioned this before, but we will say it again - don’t shop all wily nily - be considered and start investing in staple pieces. A beautiful coat or great boots will elevate any look.


One of the most basic and yet most important thing we forget to do or blatantly don’t do - is ensure that our clothes fit us the way they should. We usually just grab the size that we know we are and head to the tills. But wait.. there’s more!

The secret behind every stylists wardrobe is the tweaking behind the scenes. Don’t feel bad to tailor that cheaper R199 pair of jeans - in the long run - its worth it!