• Alisha & Almaza

5 Physical Signs Your Body Is Under Too Much Stress

As if being in lockdown for (I’ve lost count, but..) somewhere well over 100 days, with work concerns and challenges, people getting sicker and sicker as the days go on, the circle of covid cases is reaching closer to each of our homes. I mean, its a lot! The realities of what we have been fearing and preparing for the last few months is about to peak and the affects that would have on our personal selves as witnesses and casualties to it all - is highly significant.

So we figure that now is a better than than any to evaluate our wellbeing and raise awareness of these critical signs that we may have ordinarily taken in our stride as ‘it’s part of the times’.

Here are five very common signs that should ring as alarm bells to take some time to relax:

  1. Low energy levels or fatigue

  2. Constantly feeling rundown or unwell

  3. Unable to sleep well (or at all)

  4. Headaches!

  5. Muscle pain and body tightness

Whether your stress is brought on from work, home, financial or whatever it is, the impact that it can have on your day-to-day well being is by no means ‘good’. Therefore it is imperative that we recognize these quite regular signs and find out how to best manage them.

With the extraordinary power of our minds and the power it has over our bodies is incredible. You have the ability to control how you feel.