• Alisha & Almaza

5 Easy Ways To Calm Your Anxiety During This Pandemic

Keep those nerves in check

Monitor your media in-take

You can’t deny that some social media platforms are a little more prone to ‘bad vibes’ than others. Occasionally we sit back and watch as some use media platforms to slander, complain, digress and add no-real value in terms of the content they are putting out. So with this in mind, its imperative that you keep perspective. Keep perspective of the source, of the content and most importantly, of the emotion its evoking in you.

Listen to Music

Studies have proven that listening to your favourite song can help you alleviate anxiety. However if your favourite song is likely to cause more anxiety because of its pace or lyric, then perhaps you can try listening to some classical, Celtic, Native American or Indian music as they have been found to be the most calming.


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Keep in Touch

If lockdown has taught us anything, its our human need for social connection. While we haven’t been able to physically enjoy each other’s company, we’ve had to adapt to change. Keeping in contact with your family and friends when in isolation or talking to them about your concerns will remind you that you are not alone and that alone will provide some comfort.


Whether your go-to is watching re-runs of FRIENDS, or tuning into some stand-up comedy on YouTube - which ever it is.. do it! In hard times we are generally so tightly wound, that a great way to alleviate the pressure is to laugh. So have a giggle, a laugh, a hoot and relieve that tension in your muscles.