• Alisha & Almaza

4 Skincare Tips to Keep the Moisture Intact!

The do’s.... the don’ts.... the “Oh I’ve never tried that, I’m gonna try that”.

The never ending battle of retaining hydrated skin is always a common talking point especially as we ease into drier and colder seasons. While we can collectively agree that maintaining hydrated and glowing skin is no ‘walk in the park’, the reality of why ‘enough is never really enough’ could be down to the basic formula of your skincare.

When we looked into this more, it seems that while a moisturisers general role is to moisturize skin - the complexity of ‘how’ and ‘what else’ creeps in to the ingrediates that go beyond delivering hydration into the skin. Here are some things to consider to optimize the moisture and nourishment of your skin:

  1. Rich Texture : Helps trap moisture in the skin

  2. Deep Hydration : Could increase hydration by 45%

  3. Mask & Moisturize : Work best together for optimal results (1-2 a week)

  4. Sleep Masks : If you have a mask that you can sleep with - do so! It could increase your moisture levels by 32%

Which skincare do you use? What are your thoughts?