• Alisha & Almaza

3 shocking boot trends this season!

Bet you didn’t see this coming?

We aren’t far off from the moment Mother Nature decides to #fliptheswitch which forces us into a spin that results in everyone uttering the following words like a mexican wave through the nation .... “OMG its freezing!”

Tad dramatic? Oh well, don’t act surprised about it either - I am a little dramatic.

I think the thing that really set off this tone in me today is the shock and slight horror of these three boot trends that we’re mean’t to see this coming winter. Needless to say - I’m not a fan. But for what’s its worth and for you trendy cool cats out there, here they are:

1. White Boots.

While this immediately takes me back to my ‘baby spice’ wannabe days - the truth is that this trend could be a little intimidating for most. But if we really think about it.. it wasn’t long ago that the ‘white sneaker’ made its massive come back and we managed that perfectly fine. So perhaps if we almost swop the ‘white sneaker’ with the ‘white boot’ - we could have something going for us. Whatever you do, do not pair this trend with anything brightly coloured. Stay in the neutral lane. Please!

2. Chucky Boots.

This one we can swallow a little better. If paired correctly with winter staples and styled with a ‘Dr Marten’ in mind - you’re on to something. Some of the most loved designers have exposed their love affair for the chunky boot this season. With brands like The Row, Bottega Veneta, Chanel and Balenciaga - showing us the reasons to keep this chunky trend alive this winter.

3. Square-Toe Boots.

OK, While this is not a new trend, brands are stepping up the anti and adding in a mixture of colours, details and embellishments. So brace yourself - and have a little fun if your OCD allows it.

Afterall, what’s that famous saying?

“These boots were made for walkin..”