• Alisha & Almaza

3 Micro trends to watch RN!

We’ve got our ears to the ground and our eyes on the trends to bring you the 3 most compelling micro trends around right now.

Ok so trends come and go, we all know that! But here are some ‘underlying’ trends that we love and want to see explode into every closet again!


Everyone’s inner French-Girl is bursting with excitement right now *totally me* Adding a level of style that only a Beret can add - its time to invest in at least one.

Orange Tartan

So a little more ‘out-there’ than the traditional red or brown tartan - orange is proving to be a loved variant of this trend. Perhaps not to invest in a full look. However if you see it around in smaller accessories - I would say its a go!

Clasp Bags

Clasp Bags are the cutest handbag features around. Regardless of the type of bag you prefer : hand-held, cross-body, shoulder-bag etc - by choosing one with a clasp : you are rocking this trend.