• Alisha & Almaza

3 Foolproof ways to style leggings

Lets have a look at how you can elevate your #WFH legging looks. But first, the all time favourite fashion debate of: are leggings legitimate pants? Or not?

Our opinion? Well we believe it really comes down to the fabrication of the leggings. Without getting too technical on product intrinsics, if it holds firm - it is a pant. If it holds light, it is not. However for the sake of not being fashion policed when those video calls are on, lets have a look at what we believe are the top 3 points to adhere to when styling leggings.

1. Business Casoool as we like to say (refer to this previous story.)

Nowadays being business-presentable, is a fine line between being business and being casual-cool. So when dressing for a day of back to back video calls and possibly a pop into the supermarket, consider your business casoool look. By adding a structured shirt and a oversized cardigan for a cute preppy look, add some brogues and some cute accessories and you are good to go.

2. Snuggle Up

Inbetween the #WFH vibes, the chill in the air and everything else, remember to keep it cute... Buddle up & snuggle up with your fav leggings and a cropped knit or oversized knit. Keep it simple, keep it comfy, keep it cute!

3. Sport Luxe

Ok ok, sport luxe is a fan fav right now - so we saved the best for last. Whether you like high waisted leggings with a vibrant puffer jacket, or you are more of the head-to-toe black ensemble persona, remember you can always make it pop with an easy denim jacket. Undoubtedly athleisure wear is one trend that is going to grow for the remainder of this year at least. So keep em popping, keep em styling, keep em firm!

PS: Another trend to mention is the reboot of logomania- so the bolder the better.