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3 Books About Race That Needs To Be Added To Your Reading List

Its easy to feel a bit powerless at the moment - especially when scrolling through the latest headlines.

It seems that the concerns and fear of Covid-19 a mere week ago have subdued and somewhat taken a backseat in the midst of the issue of racial injustice. Here we are, today, in the year 2020, dealing with a deadly viral global pandemic, absolute turmoil at the repercussions of said pandemic and yet we are still fighting the same fight against racial injustice for as long as I can remember. How could that be? We are an educated society and are able to achieve so much greatness beyond our wildest dreams. Yet, the simplicity of ‘all lives matter’ dumbfounds some. Again, how could that be?

Its time we take active steps to do more and to educate ourselves. A simple way to start to understand and apply compassion is to start speaking up, supporting one another and increasing our awareness on racial injustice. Here are some must-reads that will hopefully inform and inspire you to do good.

  1. We Are Not Such Things By Justine Van Der Leun

  2. Women, Race & Class By Angela Davis

  3. The Love Diary of a Zulu Boy - A Memoir By Bhekisisa Mncube

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